Regan and AJ

How We Met

AJ and I met when we were about 14 and 15 – seven years ago! We were in the same high school choir, and while I thought he was cute, he was too shy to talk to me. We were involved in the same small groups and had lots of mutual friends, and eventually he became talkative enough so that we became friends. By that time, I wasn’t interested, so it took us awhile to get our feet under us romantically…we now date long-distance, as he attends a college 1.5 hours away from me. We’ve been dating 2.5 years and they have flown by!

Image 1 of Regan and AJ

how they asked

Telling me he was taking me to the Upper Peninsula for the day, AJ packed our things, and we began the drive at 5:30 am. Little did I know we were really headed to Mackinac Island! He was planning to propose during brunch, at the top of the island at the cafe of the Grand Hotel, but there were too many people and he wanted it to be intimate, so he waited…and waited…and waited!…until after dinner, when we sat on a bench on the island’s outskirts and watched the sunset. I laid down with my head on his lap, thinking I would catch a snooze before our ferry departed, but AJ had other plans…suddenly my “pillow” had disappeared and I sat up, annoyed, only to see him on one knee! The tears gathered in my eyes as he looked deeply into my them and asked me to be his, forever. He chose an aquamarine as the center stone because it precisely matches my eyes, as well as the Great Lakes (places near and dear to our hearts), and the sky on Mackinac Island.

Image 2 of Regan and AJ