Reesha and Trae

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How We Met

It’s a funny story how we met, my best friend is married to his brother! Prior to her engagement, I knew of Trae. My best friend had some photos of me that he had seen and developed some sort of crush, when I was told about it, I brushed it off not thinking anything of it. Not until she got engaged and I came to their town to attend a bridal fair as the maid of honor. That’s when I first met Trae, and that was the day we have not been without each other.

how they asked

July 7th marks our anniversary, it was 7/7/2016 on our 4 year anniversary when we took an impromptu trip to Disneyland. We have a tradition where we normally go every year during the holidays but we had gone to Hawaii near the holidays and had to opt out of our Disneyland trip until one day when I came home from work, Trae told me we’re leaving to Disneyland tonight. My parent’s home is on the route there, so we spent the night at their house where he asked my father for his blessing. The next morning we left for Disney. The day of our 4 year anniversary I could tell something was different. He was examining different places at Disneyland, pacing back and forth until finally, about 6 hours in, we’re walking by Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and he suggested we take a picture. He has the photographer record us (photographer is completely in the dark) and next thing I know he’s down on one knee. The funny part was after the fact, the photographer had us reenact the whole situation so he can catch shots on his professional camera! It was embarrassing and thrilling at the same time!