Reena and Jose

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How we Met

We were classmates during our second year in university. After one month (Jose: that’s her story, but I think it was one semester after when I actually spoke to her aside from the usual smiles and hi’s) of being classmates, Jose being too friendly to all, approached me and said, “I did not notice you until now.”

I, being too timid and shy, introduced myself and from then on agreed to always say hi to each other. From his and hellos, to exchanging text messages (Jose: internet was not that popular during that time, yeah so old, so I have to avail the unlimited text the telecom companies are offering and we would just text until late midnight and sometimes till dawn – texting I think was a big part of how we really got to know each other), to dates, to travels, lots of travels to 9 years…

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how they asked

Jose: I’ve always known that she will be the one for me, it’s just a question of when. I had the idea of proposing to her last year of October, when I went home to the Philippines to surprise my dad for his birthday. I first told y my sister about it just to see how will she react (I was the youngest in the family so I guess its always gonna be hard for them to let me go cause I’ve always felt that I was the favourite sibling and child in the family, no offense big sisters and big bro). My sister then casually told my mom about it and next thing I know, she sent me a video of my mom crying and laughing at the same time, it was funny and yet heart warming as of all the people, my mom would probably be the most affected – her “bunso” is finally getting married. My parents gave me their blessings.

For me the hard part of the preparation was talking to her parents. We had a talk over video call as they live in Riyadh and I can’t ask for Reena’s hand in person. They were really accepting and had a very positive reaction when I told them that I plan to propose to their eldest and only daughter. Reena’s little brother even ask what’s my plan and he offered his help.

On the day of the proposal, I felt very relaxed. I was expecting myself to be very anxious and nervous like the ones I usually see in movies/media. We were supposed to watch the sunset and Reena just fell asleep. I was asking her to at least change her clothes or fix herself cause she looks like a mess after a whole day out but she was so tired and sleepy that she didn’t bother. I was saying to myself “Girl you’re gonna regret this after…”

I first showed her the picture of my family on which they were holding the letters W-I-L-L. She looked confuse at first but when I showed her the second picture which her family is holding the letters Y-O-U, she got it.

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She just started crying that she didn’t really saw the third picture of our dog Marley wearing a headband with the letters M-A-R-R-Y. She said yes (without even looking at the ring!!! Thank God!!) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I always wanted to make a proposal that is intimate, just the two us, because I wanted to see how she would react without other people – I want to see her most genuine reaction. I feel so blessed and happy that I’m gonna be spending my life with an amazing and wonderful woman who happens to be my best friend. Cheers to happiness!

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Reena: We were having our dream Greek summer in Santorini. Months before this long anticipated vacation, I shared with him that this is really a “started from the bottom now we are here” moment for me as I remember that I dreamt of Santorini right the moment I saw it when we watched a romantic Filipino movie back in our university days. It was one of the places too big to dream for me to dream back then. Now with God’s pouring blessings, here were are, having the best time of our lives. It was our first day in the island, me, having had a long day of walking, swimming, and gazing with extreme awe of the place, fall asleep on his lap while we are dazzled with the spectacular view of Santorini right through the balcony of our villa.

As we all know, the sunset in Santorini should not be missed. While in a deep slumber, he, giddy as a child, woke me up saying, “Do you really want to miss the most romantic sunset in the world?” The groggy me then just sitted quietly, stared at the panoramic view and thought that I might still be dreaming. While having this moment, here he is, busy setting up the camera to “capture the sunset.”

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Then while I am still relishing the beautiful sight, I received an FB message from him saying to come in the room. Weird I felt but since, yes I am still in the verge between deep sleep and amazement, went in and then the next thing I know is that I saw a picture of my parents and brother holding the letters “Y-O-U”. Looked at him, and he kneeled down with the affection in his eyes and I said yes to forever.