Macy and Reed


How We Met

Reed and I met at Starbucks. We worked there together and become really good friends, and were friends for years before we started dating!

how they asked

When i was younger i passed this old barn in town and fell in love with it, and every time after that i always thought it would be the most beautiful place for a wedding (unfortunately just someones old barn). One day Reed and I were out for a drive and he eventually made his way to the street where this barn is and then started to slow down, i thought nothing of it ( i was looking at the sheep across the street!) Then he turned in, there were candles that lit up the grassy ramp to the barn doors, more lanterns placed on a antique chest and so many flowers. i was the perfect mix of happy, excited and confused. We got out of the truck and walked hand and hand up the ramp to the doors and he got down on one knee! :)




Special Thanks

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