Red and Rachel

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how we met

Red and I have known each other since were were babies. Our mothers were college roommates! They stayed in touch after college and our families took turns visiting each other and vacationing together in our respective states. I remember thinking of his family as an extension of mine and also thinking that Red would make someone SO happy one day. He was sweet, considerate, and one of the last true chivalrous gentlemen in this world. Little did I know, he was always those things to me because he had a crush on me growing up. It’s so funny to look back on all of that now. On my 16th birthday, I begged my mom to take me to their house so that we could go to an amusement park together instead of throwing a big party or something. Red thought that it was a date (so cute) so he bought me a single yellow rose per my mom’s suggestion and we had a great day together. That was Red’s first date. Too bad I was totally clueless still.

When we both graduated, Red and I moved to different parts of the country but we stayed in touch, talking every day on the phone and racking cell phone bills up and visited every once in a while until one fateful day when I told him I was dating someone. I still had no idea about his feelings but was really sad when he slowly stopped connecting. I know now that I crushed his sentimental heart. I still kick myself over that! He told me later that he lost all hope in the idea of true love and instead began to search for the first companion he could (AKA rebound) make it work with. We both eloped with different people soon after that and went through divorces about 8 years later around the same time. At that time, we reconnected on Facebook and he asked me point blank for the first time why I never liked him. That was the first time I knew of his feelings our entire lives. I lived in North Carolina and he lived in New Hampshire. Within 6 months, we figured out how to completely readjust our lives to be together. That was 4 years ago!

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how they asked

We both moved to Charleston last year because it is our dream city. The weather, the southern hospitality, the opportunity and the small town feel in a big city is everything we’ve ever dreamed of. I remember the first time we visited Middleton Place Plantation. I was in tears looking at all the beauty around me and later realized it was because it was a symbol of our dreams coming true together.

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We visit there as often as we can, strolling the grounds and having dinner together afterward at the restaurant there. When he told me to get “fancy”, which means get dressed up, and we ended up at Middleton, I didn’t think twice. We walked the grounds and went to my favorite tree. I noticed he was shaking a little and seemed nervous. Then everything happened so fast, I don’t remember anything except tears and happiness.

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I’m so glad Aaron and Jillian were there to capture the sweet moment or it would have been lost in my mind forever. I’m sure I wasn’t the best subject as we took pictures around the grounds afterward. They gave direction and I, in shock, just stared at my ring. I look back on that day and laugh so hard because I probably seemed like such a ditz! We are so happy to have found each other again and are living our dream together in Charleston!

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