Rebekka and Reggie

How We Met

We met when I first moved to nyc. I moved into a crash pad which is shared housing for airline workers. He was renting a room there. We hit it off right away.

How They Asked

Rebekka: It was such a surprise! It was a weekend that my sister was in town . She and reggie insisted that we take holiday pictures by Dumbo. It was freezing and I had a cold. I was being a pain and complaining. But they got me dressed and hair done. He directed the taxi to arrive near Dumbo but still a couple blocks away. I made some snarky remark that we had to walk in the cold. When we arrived in the taxi, reggie announced that this was the place we had our first kiss. I realized this was true , and my sister suggested we take a few pictures in that location. He was being awkward and fumbling around behind me, I asked why are you being awkward? I turned around and he was on one knee!

Reggie: I was thinking about where to propose for the the longest time. As flight attendants, we have a lot of options. I thought about proposing in Italy, Santorini Greece, or our favorite, Japan. But none of those places really had any special memories. A thought did come to mind that gave me a smile. Our first kiss in front of the carousel near brooklyn bridge where it all started.


Special Thanks