Rebekah and Ryan

how we met

I’m in college and I worked as a manager in a grocery store when we met. The day after my birthday, and the day before Valentines Day, I was at work and walked out of the office to see a very long line of customers with wine and decor for the following day. I grabbed a couple people and told them I’d ring them up. The last customer that walked up was just the cutest guy, with the most gorgeous blue eyes. He was buying several bottles of wine to go with the Chinese food he had just picked up. We had a little conversation, I told him to have a lovely night and went to go back to the office. After a moment, he rushed back up to me and asked me if I’d be interested in dinner the next night. Of course I said yes.

how they asked

We were supposed to be taking a summer vacation to Chesapeake Bay in June last year. I was taking a very intense summer course and knew I would not focus on my work if we took vacation. So as much as it absolutely sucked, I told him I couldn’t go in good conscious. Of course I had no idea I was totally screwing up his engagement plans. Around the time vacation was supposed to be, he proposed. I got home from work late one night. He dressed in the suit he had been wearing the night we met, he picked up the same Chinese food and bought the same wine. There were candles and roses and lovely soft music on when I opened the door. It melted my heart. He got down and proposed and then we ate Chinese food. it was perfect.

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