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How We Met

The way we met was a classic meet-cute. Rick and I met whilst we were both out one night at a trendy inner city cocktail bar. I was out with my girlfriends having a lovely evening when I saw a cute guy smiling at me from across the room, I smiled back and he came right over. We were instantly comfortable with each other, it was like we had known each other for years. He got my number and called me the very next day, our first date the following day was 6 hours long and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

We have been together nearly 4 years and getting engaged was a topic of conversation more than once. In January 2016 we went to Hawaii for a holiday centred around sun, sea and relaxation. It was wonderful! We spent the first half of our trip at the Turtle Bay Resort, such a relaxing and very romantic location. There were many activities on the resort that we wanted to take part in and we decided to go on a private horseback ride at sunset along the beach, (apparently the only place in Hawaii where it is safe for the horses to ride so close to the shoreline). I brought along my camera as we were to stop halfway and take pictures of the sunset. We jumped on the horses, Beetle and Flash with our guide, Carlos, and off we went. It was wonderful, the horses knew the route so we just relaxed on their backs and looked at the scenery.

We stopped halfway to take some pictures of the sunset, we were posing for a photo and Rick turned to me and started telling me a beautiful poem, then said we can’t continue this relationship any longer without asking you one more question…. It was such a romantic moment, one I will never forget, and Carlos, our guide had got it all on video.

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Thankfully the horses knew where to go to get back to the stables as I was looking at my beautiful ring the whole way back. When we got off the horses we were presented with flower lays and the deck at the stables overlooking the ocean was set up with candles, champagne and strawberries. We drank champagne overlooking the ocean and spent the evening calling our family and close friends back home in Australia to tell them the amazing news.

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