Rebekah and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sunset Beach, North Carolina

How We Met

As funny and weird as it may be, Nick and I met through Instagram. He randomly followed me one day and I didn’t follow him back just yet because I didn’t know who he was. Over a couple of months, I would post pictures and Nick liked my pictures. One day, I finally wondered who this guy was. I went through his Instagram, realized he was pretty cute and that we actually knew several of the same people. I then followed him back and he messaged me later on. We exchanged numbers and texted for a while and then Nick finally asked me on a first date. He drove 35 minutes out of the way to pick me up because he wanted to meet my parents the right way (early on I knew he was a keeper). I barely knew Nick on our first date, but he definitely swept me off my feet from day one. Nick picked me up for our date wearing the cutest button up and khaki shorts. We gave each other the most awkward first date hug, but it was so sweet. He had the biggest smile on his face and I was so excited to be going on a date with him. I was so nervous that I talked his head off all the way to the restaurant (which is 30 minutes) and I was sure I was probably annoying him. He kept looking over at me and smiling as I talked away and all I could think was “goodness, he is so dang cute.” We ate at a small Japanese restaurant in our town, which is now our favorite place to eat. We then went to the movies, and got ice cream for dessert when the movie was over. We ate our ice cream and just talked in his truck before he took me home. We spent the rest of the summer going on dates, meeting each other’s families and growing together. I knew not long after that first date, that I wanted to spend all of my days for the rest of my life loving him. Here we are almost a year later, engaged and Nick is still pursuing my heart every single day.

Rebekah's Proposal in Sunset Beach, North Carolina

how they asked

Nick and I went to Jared one weekend in April, to just look at rings. I don’t think either of us had any intention of picking out THE ring that weekend. I went in the store in hopes of being able to try on a ring that I saw online. Well, they didn’t have the ring so of course I was a little disappointed. They let me try on a few rings that were similar to the ring I wanted, but I knew they weren’t the one. I walked around the store about 3 times and saw THE ring and asked to try it on. I immediately fell in love. I told Nick that it was the one. We didn’t buy it that day, but apparently he went back the next week and bought the ring because he was going to propose during the summer. I didn’t know when Nick was going to propose but I was so anxious because all I wanted to do was be engaged and marry my sweet man! About two months after we found the ring, on June 12th to be exact Nick proposed at Sunset Beach. We woke up that morning and went to the beach with his family and spent the whole day on the beach playing in the water and the sand. Nick wanted to go in earlier than usual but I went along with it and we went inside. We got dressed and ready because we were supposed to go get some cute pictures on the beach. We walked to the beach from the house and started taking pictures on the beach in different locations. When we walked to the water, after we took a couple pictures Nick got down on one knee. At that moment, I knew everything I had ever prayed for and dreamed about since I was a little girl was happening. I don’t even remember what Nick said but a lot of very sweet stuff that I wish I could remember. He finally asked me to marry him and he pulled out the ring I had picked out a couple months back. I was so excited that I couldn’t let him go. We hugged and hugged and it was the sweetest moment that I will never forget. Now onto the wedding planning!