Rebekah and Jonny

Rebekah's Proposal in Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

How We Met

We went to high school together in Salt Lake City. Jonny was two years old than I was and some of his friends lived in my neighborhood. I remember him very clearly. He was the cute, popular senior who was on the football team and the rugby team and a wrestling captain. I definitely had a crush on him. And he had no idea who I was… Haha I can’t blame him, I was not overly social in high school.

how they asked

I got a BFA in Photography from the University of Utah. Art is my world and one of my dreams is to have my work displayed in the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. The first time we talked art I told Jonny all about my dream of the UMOCA.

About a month before Jonny proposed his mother bought a piece of mine, a self portrait. I didn’t think much of it.

Jonny told me he got a newsletter from the UMOCA promoting their Cities of Conviction exhibit. We were both excited to see it. So that night Jonny picked me up from the bridal shop where I work and we went straight to dinner. The Bambara restaurant was so good and we both had fun. Next we went to the UMOCA. The exhibits up stairs were incredible and we spent quite a while talking about them. The exhibit we came for was in the big open gallery downstairs.

Looking at all the art work was so fun and I was definitely distracted by a huge image on the wall as I walked across the gallery. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a piece that I recognized. There it was, the work I had sold to Jonny’s mom. MY work on display at the UMOCA! I was stunned. In front of it was a huge vase of red roses. The title plaque read “Will you marry me?” in big letters. There was a clicking sound and I looked over to see my roommate, a professional photographer, taking photos. I still didn’t quite get what was happening util I turned back to see Jonny on one knee.

Jonny made two of my dreams come true in one night. He is my favorite blessing and I can’t believe I actually get to keep him forever!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Special Thanks

Mary Kris Santistevan
Proposal Venue