Rebekah and Ethan

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How We Met

Ethan and I have known each other since high school. Our parents were best friends in high school and on a trip with my family to Florida to visit my grandparents we passed through Mississippi to see his family. We had a joke in my family because my grandmother who we were going to see used to always ask me if I had a boyfriend and I always replied that I did not. So at his families house our parents joked we should take a picture together and show my grandmother that Ethan was my boyfriend. We took a picture but I never showed my grandmother because I was to embarrassed. A year later I saw Ethan again at a wedding in Texas where I was from and he asked for my number. Ethan and I stayed friends throughout college but never dated because of the long distance. Ethan made trips to visit me in Texas and even spend time with me while I went to many doctors appointments while I battled Hodgkin Lymphoma. This past September I moved to Orlando, Florida and began talking to Ethan. He has made maybe road trips to come see me in Orlando from Mississippi and this past month he finally made the move to Orlando.

how they asked

Ethan had told me he had drill for the army the weekend of May 7th so my cousin who I live with suggested we go to the Central Florida zoo to go zip-lining for our friend Davids birthday. When we got to the Zoo we had a tour guide take us to the giraffes where we could feed them. I have always been obsessed with giraffes and all week I couldn’t wait to feed the giraffes and get a picture with one. When we got to the giraffe area I got to go first and our tour guide handed me a note addressed to me in Ethan’s handwriting. While feeding the giraffe I read the note and then Ethan taped me on the shoulder and got down on one knee. I of course said yes and when I turned around my parents and his parents were there along with my best friend from Texas who flew in to take the proposal photos. We then together got to take photos and feed the giraffe as a newly engaged couple.

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Special Thanks

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens
 | Giraffe Feeding and Proposal