Rebekah and Brett

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our apartment in Maryland

How We Met

We met in Pensacola, FL., in 2015. I was born and raised in Pensacola; and, Brett was sent there for a six-month course before heading up to Fort Meade, MD. Our families had known each other for our entire lives; but, we had never met before. Brett’s cousin mentioned that she had a friend currently stationed in Pensacola and would be happy to introduce us if I was interested. Thus commenced the social media investigation!

With one look at each other’s pictures, we decided to exchange phone numbers. It was a couple of weeks before we would meet in person at a wedding; but, we talked constantly during that time.

After the wedding, we attended a few group gatherings while getting to know one another. A few short weeks later, and we went on our first official date! We only had a few months before Brett would be moving; so, we took advantage of every weekend to spend time together. Our first kiss was July 4th, 2015 (and yes, fireworks jokes were made by my sister!).

We then began what would end up being three long years of a long distance relationship. We would alternate holidays – being together for Christmas one year and Thanksgiving the next. In June 2018 we closed the distance and moved me up to Maryland. Brett came down to help with the move and used the opportunity to talk to my dad about our intention to marry. Which was met with happiness and encouragement!

How They Asked

Two months after we moved Me up to Maryland, Brett was deployed. The day after he got back, I walked into the apartment after work to find Brett down on one knee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our apartment in Maryland

He asked. I said yes.


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