Rebekah and Benjamin

How We Met

Benjamin and I have been friends since 15!

How They Asked

So Benjamin asked to come on my blog photoshoot (which he never does) so I thought okay why not! We’re on location now and I and the photographer are snapping away taking loads of pictures for my fashion blog. Ben then suggests we go and take some photos by this cute little waterfall bit in the park, in fact, this was our favorite park to take long walks in. So we go to the little waterfall part and we’re taking some couple photos. He then said he wasn’t happy with the lighting so he made us walk all the way up this little hill part. We took some photos up on the hill but then he said he wasn’t happy with the lighting up there either, so we trekked all the way back down to the little waterfall! We start taking photos again and chit chatting.

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He then said ‘ by the way, I’ve already asked your parents for permission to marry you’. I was so shocked and puzzled. I turned around and Benjamin was on one knee! It all happened so fast. I was wondering why my favorite photographer and friend wasn’t surprised and how she kept calm and continued taking photos, but it turns out they were both in on it and had been planning this surprise for two weeks! Best day ever!

Special Thanks

Zoe griffin
 | Photographer