Rebekah and Ben

Proposal Ideas Spotsylvania, VA

How We Met

In true millennial fashion, we found each other with the help of the internet (thanks to OK Cupid for the assist). After bonding over the challenges of being doctoral students and a mutual love of downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, we met in person at Riverby Books on April Fool’s Day 2017. Luckily this date was no joke, and more soon followed. We quickly realized we were building something special. We began a routine of traversing the hour between our respective homes twice a week, doing our best to maximize time together. Through walks at local parks, homemade dinners, day trips, holidays, and many games of Mario Kart, we fell more and more in love. Our conversations turned towards planning for the future.

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How They Asked

After a year together, we decided we were more than ready to see each other every day. Ben made the decision to go freelance with his music business, which enabled him to move into my house in Fredericksburg. Late in the summer, I received a job offer in New York that was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So the ever supportive Ben agreed to move to the Albany area, and our days were filled with getting the house ready to sell and preparing for the move. But our last day in Virginia was bound to be even more special.

Despite having numerous conversations about marriage, Ben still managed to completely surprise me with a proposal. Standing in the driveway of our Virginia house for the last time, Ben turned to me and said, “A lot of great memories here. Let’s make one more. Will you marry me?” After dropping my water bottle in shock, I said yes! Now we are looking forward to a wonderful future together. We are so excited to share our special day with our family and friends in October 2019!

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