Rebeka and Michael

How We Met

We met on the league app and he actually almost swiped past me because he said I looked too active for him! But he decided to swipe right and we first met at a bar on the lower east side in manhattan. He wanted to go for a second drink but I said I had plans and went to meet some of my friends. We went out again 2 days later for dinner and the rest is history! We have been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

I work as a PA at NYP in surgery. One of my colleagues called me to a patient’s room. He stated that it was a difficult Foley catheter placement and he needed assistance. I went down to the room and waited outside to call him and ask if he needed supplies and what the name of the patient was (meanwhile my to be fiancé was waiting anxiously inside). My colleague made up a name and said to just go in the room and they’d meet me in there.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York Presbyterian Hospital

Rebeka and Michael's Engagement in New York Presbyterian Hospital

I walked in and my then-boyfriend was on one knee in an empty patient room and asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect as he knows how much my work means to me and knew I would never think he would ever step foot into a hospital. It was a perfect engagement and we can’t wait to get married! Room 490 will forever be a special room!

Rebeka's Proposal in New York Presbyterian Hospital