Rebeka and Daniele

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How We Met

Our story is far from a fairytale but there is definitely a happy ending! We met on Halloween night back in 2012 while out with friends in Downtown Vancouver. I spotted Daniele from across the club and thought “wow… he’s cute”. I was leaving with a friend of mine to go to another spot and as we were walking, someone approached me from behind and introduced himself – it was him! He was with a group of guys that happened to be mutual friends. He was chatting me up on the walk over and we spent the rest of the night talking and talking – just talking. When the night was over, him and I hopped in a cab and headed home. Before I got out of the cab, he asked for my number and I was so stoked. I put my number in his phone, hugged him goodbye and called it a night. You think he would have contacted me after that night – but nope! I waited and waited and nothing. Not going to lie, I was pretty upset by it. He was a total stud and we had such a good time together. But months went by and I began to forget about him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tantalus Range

It wasn’t until we ran into each other a few months later that he sparked my curiosity again. Internally, I was super stoked to be seeing him again but on the outside, I played it cool. We talked and talked all night again – just talked. At the end of the night, we said our goodbye’s and he sent me off in a cab with my friends. I thought to myself – what the hell is wrong with this guy? The next weekend while out with some friends, I run into him AGAIN. And that night I decided enough was enough and I laid the first move. He took my number, we had our first date a few days later and we have been together ever since. Why didn’t he contact me the first time? Apparently, I missed a digit when I put in my number and he was confident that if it was meant to be, we would meet again. Luckily for both of us, we did!

Proposal Ideas Tantalus Range

How They Asked

We’re a pretty adventurous duo, so this day started off as a pretty typical Saturday by our standards. We have annual passes to a gondola not too far from home with amazing views of the surrounding mountains and plenty of snow-shoe trails. We headed there in the afternoon to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather. We stopped on one of the trails and laid out a little picnic. Dan made sandwiches, brought fruit and even a bottle of sparkling rosé. I was hoping to stay another while for sunset but Dan said we needed to head back down soon. He said he made another plan for us but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. He just assured that it was somewhere I have never been. Not being the biggest fan of surprises, I analyzed over and over in my head where it could be. There was no way he found another trail I haven’t heard of! But just a short drive away, our adventure really began.

We stopped in a parking lot for a little airport and I was really confused. I thought there must be some trail nearby that we are headed to for another snow-shoe. I asked jokingly “Are we going on a plane ride?”. He calmly replied “No, we are going on a helicopter ride.” Sometimes I can’t tell if he is joking or not – he has a pretty good poker face. I kept asking if we really were he kept saying “Yes, really!!!”. We got out of the car, he popped open the trunk and handed me my parka and snow boots and told me to put them on. He said where we were going was going to be really cold. What is going on here?!

So Dan wasn’t making it up and actually booked a helicopter ride over a mountain range I’ve only dreamt of seeing up close. My heart was racing and my brain could not keep up – I was in total disbelief. I just remember thinking “this isn’t happening this isn’t happening!”. I sat in the front with the pilot, whipped out my camera and started snapping away. I marveled at all the different peaks, glaciers and frozen lakes. Seeing this was a total dream come true. The pilot pointed toward a mountain and said we were landing just about there. Landing??? Sure enough, we landed 7000 ft above sea level at the base of some of the tallest peaks I’ve ever seen. We ran out to explore, crunching through some of the freshest snow.

We set up our tripod and starting snapping photos of our latest adventure as we always do and as I stood on a rock and got lost in the view, Dan ran up to me, popped down on one knee and asked me the easiest question ever. I kept saying “No, no, no, this isn’t happening” before finally saying “YES OF COURSE!!!”. I jumped up and down in excitement, tears literally pouring down my face and freezing into my hair. It was the most perfect day in the most perfect place with the most perfect person! My heart is so full and I feel so blessed to call this intelligent, loving, wildly handsome, extraordinary man my fiancé. Officially adventure buddies for life!

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