Rebeccah and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I met on My best friend’s mom was on Match and wanted to show her daughter the guys she had been talking to. We both made accounts so that we could check out the guys for her. Fortunately for me, I accidentally purchased the six month membership instead of getting the free week long trial. I decided after they wouldn’t reimburse me, I was going to make the most of it and decided to go on all of the dates. After I met Josh though, I knew I didn’t even want to bother with any other guys. He was going to be the one that I dated. Our first date was absolutely incredible and they only got better from there. In the ten months we’ve been together, we’ve visited ten states and one additional country. I have found my travel partner for life and cannot wait for many more adventures with him!

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how they asked

Josh and I started our day with a nice, hearty breakfast at his apartment. We then went to pick up our first Christmas tree together in the Whole Foods parking lot. We searched high and low to find the perfect tree for the house. Once we found the tree we hooked it to the top of the car and took off on our journey through Birmingham.

Our first stop was the Christmas Market at Das Haus. All I wanted was a beautiful angel for the trip sitting on top of Josh’s jeep, unfortunately, we couldn’t maneuver our way through the booths and maneuvered ourselves right out the door.

Our next stop was us meandering around the Sozo Trading Co. We found everything we were looking for and more. We found the beautiful, natural looking star that was going to sit on top of our tree and some little Santas to add to the Christmas decorations.

After all of wandering, I was thirsty and had Josh stop at the new coffee shop in Avondale called The Abbey. I ordered myself some of my favorite Piper & Leaf tea and ordered Josh and I a loaded baked potato soup to go. This took a long time and when I was finally walking out of the shop, Josh was making his way inside to see what was taking me so long. This proved to be the turning point of the whole day when Josh saw me turn the corner holding the bag of potato soup in my left hand. He says that this was the moment that he knew that he had to propose that day. What he didn’t know, is that the signs that it was the perfect day to propose were only just beginning.

Josh decided that he wanted some tea for himself, so we went back inside to sit down with the soup. He went up to the register and ordered his tea, when the time came for him to get his change, they had run out of everything and he received his change in two large handfuls of dimes. Many may not know this, or even believe it, but my family believes that my grandmother, BaBaBecca, speaks to us with dimes. BaBaBecca and my mom lived on opposite sides of Berlin and my mom called her mom with dimes every day. When my grandmother passed away, we all started finding dimes around and decided that BaBaBecca was trying to communicate with us. I told Josh about this when we first started dating. At first, he thought I was joking and trying to mess with him by leaving dimes everywhere. When he started finding the dimes in places I had never been, he quickly realized that BaBaBecca had accepted him into the family and was trying to communicate with him as well. These two hands of dimes spoke volumes to Josh and showed him that it was definitely the perfect day to propose.

After finishing our soup, tea and cookie that Josh had added to the feast, we took off on our next journey through Avondale. We made a quick stop to the Painted Shovel where Josh found one of his beloved Chris Crafts. The owner was more than willing to let it go at a minimal rate and Josh was ecstatic to pay only $35 for the model boat. He even negotiated with them to get me a serious deal on the three okra pods that had been made into cute little silver ornaments. We were pumped over our new purchases and decided to walk over to one of our favorite restaurants, Melt!

We got a number of weird looks with our new purchases sitting next to us on the bar. We enjoyed our sandwiches and were quickly off on our merry little ways. We walked back to the car and finally were about to get our tree home!

We got the tree and all of the evergreen home and spent a number of hours getting it perfect. Josh brought his boat over and placed it on the shelf and suggested that we decorate it too. He didn’t know that this was actually a tradition in Greece and that my mom decorates a boat every year for the house. I googled it and showed him that I was not just pulling his leg. He was thinking that was it, and he had no choice but to propose on that day.

We had worked so hard and decided to reward ourselves with a meal at the new restaurant that opened about a block away from the house. Josh suggested we walk there, something I found a little strange, but decided to go along with because Josh had recommended it. I even recommended that we go for a little walk together after dinner to enjoy the Christmas lights being put up around the neighborhood. Before we left, I had to turn the alarm on and when I walked back in the room, Josh dropped something on the floor. I was a little suspicious at first, but ignored it when Josh told me it was nothing.

We then set off on our way for dinner. We arrived at the Filling Station and enjoyed a delicious meal. We talked about normal things and how excited we were for the restaurant to be in the neighborhood. After we finished, we walked toward the park and talked about everything that came to my mind. Soon we turned the corner and Josh was getting really quiet, next thing I knew, Josh was saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I thought he was just being sweet and turned around to say, “Me too babe,” when I saw him reaching in his pocket and going to get down on one knee. I couldn’t even believe it. I couldn’t stop babbling long enough for Josh to say the words that he wanted to say and I couldn’t wait to hear him say. Finally, he was able to get it out and ask me to marry him. It took a second for him to be able to slide the ring on my finger because my finger had gone limp. I couldn’t stop shrieking with excitement. It took about 15 minutes longer to get home than it should have because I made him stop every four feet to shriek about it and stopped just under every light to watch it sparkle on my finger. I couldn’t believe it. We were engaged!

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