Rebecca and Stephan

How We Met
We were neighbours to begin with. He invited me to his housewarming party and that is where we met.

He was charming and loads of fun, we then there had our first kiss.
how they asked
Not noticing that he left the house and realising that he hasn’t been upstairs in a while, I check my phone and there was about 20 missed calls from him.

I called him back thinking there was something up, but when he answered he said “Part one of your gift is under the bed.”

Looking under the bed was a hand crafted box labelled ‘Open Me’…

Inside the box was a beautiful white dress (which fit me perfectly) wrapped with the phrase ‘Wear Me’…

Next to the box was a map, amazingly illustrated of where to find him. On the back was a poem which still now I can not believe he wrote.

After getting into the dress and getting into the car, I arrived at Bestwood Country Park. With a pair of wellies he also asked me to wear. There wear signs pointing me to where he was. Slate tiles with arrows.

Finally got to him, there he was standing with a huge bunch of flowers and wear a Tux, surrounded with bunting, lights and love hearts all in the trees and a huge gift.

‘Part two of your gift is here,” he sat me on the tree chair and presented me with the ginormous gift. Not noticing behind the board he was on one knee. I opened the gift and on the chalk board was the writing ‘Will You Marry Me’.

Course I said yes!

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