Rebecca and Justin

Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of Charleston, South Carolina, there lived a princess…I mean a pretty young woman who dreamt of being a princess…and meeting her Prince Charming. One day this young woman, Rebecca, was dreading going to work, and so she stayed a little longer at the gym that morning. A friend of hers at the gym suggested that she go on a date…apparently she needed to practice if she wanted to meet her Prince Charming. This hip friend of hers downloaded an app called “Bumble”…wait, what? An app? That’s not how the story is supposed to go. Well yes, it was an app. A new dating app that this pretty young woman had never heard of and was honestly quite apprehensive about. However, Rebecca is always up for a challenge, and her hip friend from the gym challenged her to get a date within one week and report back to her. Seriously?! Yes.

On the other side of the kingdom of Charleston and unbeknownst to Rebecca, there lived a charming, handsome and funny guy by the name of Justin. Justin had searched the kingdom far and wide for a fair maiden, and had COUNTLESS dates with girls from all over Charleston and the surrounding areas. When it seemed he had exhausted all options, he decided to download an app called “Bumble” on the exact same day Windy put it on Rebecca’s phone. In true fairy tale form, Rebecca and Justin matched because they had both liked each other’s pictures and short profiles. Justin finally realized he needed to cross two bridges in the vast kingdom of Charleston to find his Princess, ahem, this attractive and intriguing young woman.

Thankfully, Rebecca and Justin were able to make some connections of mutual friends before deciding it would be a good idea to meet. Justin and Rebecca’s cousin Kevin went to CSU together, Justin’s first cousin and Rebecca’s aunt grew up together in Hampton, SC as best friends, Justin’s hometown boys and Rebecca became friends while they were at Charleston Law and she was at CofC, one of Rebecca’s best friends married a guy who Justin used to pick up from the Citadel his knob year (Justin’s hometown friend and Steven were roommates), and Justin was close friends with Rebecca’s cousin Warren while he and Warren were both living at Edisto. You mean there is an Edisto connection, too? Yes…somehow in all the years of their respective childhoods and young adult years, Rebecca and Justin never met at Edisto despite the fact that their families’ beach houses are just four blocks apart. That’s crazy! We know…so Bumble brought us together because we are meant to “bee!”


There were quite a few obstacles along the way to crossing a bridge, getting through downtown, and crossing another big bridge that almost prevented these two from meeting…this part of the story is quite interesting. Rebecca was very pleased with herself for meeting Windy’s challenge and was excited to report that she had a date scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 2015 (exactly one week after Bumble was downloaded). Windy was proud of Rebecca, and both were excited to see what might happen when Rebecca and Justin finally met….which took almost a month…

Date #1 (Round 1) – Justin texted Rebecca on the morning of Tuesday, September 22, 2015 to let her know his car had been stolen. Excuse me? Um, yes. Rebecca was turned off and annoyed…this Justin did not have to make up some elaborate story if he didn’t want to meet her. Who has their car stolen out of their own driveway? Alas, Justin does. Complete with his wallet (his excuse for not being able to Uber to still meet her that night). It was not a good day in the magical land of Charleston, and Rebecca had to decide if she was still willing to give this Justin guy another chance (thankfully she did).

Date #1 (Round 2) – Justin felt terrible that he had to cancel his date with Rebecca, so to make it up to her he offered to come to the outer edges of the kingdom to Mt. Pleasant and meet her for drinks and dinner at Tavern & Table on Shem Creek. Mother Nature had other plans for the evening and days to come, as the 1,000 year flood that hit South Carolina came pouring down on the day of their second scheduled first date. Justin knew better than to change the plans after Rebecca had been willing to give him a second chance. He was determined to make it work if she wanted to go, but Rebecca ensured Justin that she would rather them both stay safe (and she hates going out in the rain). They laughed about it and decided they would get together another time after the flooding stopped.

Date #1 (Round 3) Finally, Justin got to take Rebecca to dinner at Tavern and Table.

Fast forward to February 2016 – Rebecca and Justin decided to buy one ticket each at the SEWE Festival held in Charleston every February to try to win a boat from Duck’s Unlimited. At Rebecca’s surprise she won! One of the best phone calls Rebecca ever received. Rebecca finally got to pick up the boat on March 17 which happens to also be Saint Patrick’s Day. She decided with all the luck she was having and being Saint Patrick’s Day to call it “Lucky Duck”

Rebecca and Justin enjoyed riding the Lucky Duck all spring and summer. August approached and Justin had more exciting plans coming for Rebecca. He planned a surprise proposal on the Lucky Duck heading into Shem Creek to attend dinner at the place they had their first date, Tavern and Table. He told Rebecca he had a gift for her to grab it in the storage container. Once she opened it was a custom flag that matched her boat that said Will You Marry Me and was down on one knee. He also set up a friend photographer to capture their special moment. Which happens to me :) Justin and my husband are good friends. We were sitting on the Shem Creek pier. We then popped some champagne and headed to meet up with some more friends at Tavern and Table to celebrate.

Justin and Rebecca are counting down the days. On June 23, 2018 they will say I do in Charleston, SC and celebrate at Lowndes Grove Plantation.

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