Rebecca and Anthony

How We Met

Anthony and I started dating nine days after we met and said ‘I love you’ less than two weeks after that so to say this was a long time coming would be an understatement. We met through a mutual friend three years ago when I was a graduate student in Baltimore and Anthony was working as a financial adviser. I was walking in Federal Hill, a neighborhood in Baltimore, with our mutual friend after we had gone to dinner. Anthony, who was driving home from work, spotted our friend and started shouting his name. He slammed on the breaks, parked his car in the middle of the street, and jumped out to say hello. My only thought was “Who is this guy and why is he parked in the middle of traffic?” In order to get him to move his car, I suggested that he join us for drinks at the wine bar we were heading to. Anthony happily accepted and we spent the rest of the night drinking wine and getting to know each other. Later that night, we both asked our mutual friend to see if the other was interested. Well, we went on our first date (back to that same wine bar!) a few days later and the rest is history!

How They Asked

After grad school, I accepted a job in New York and, a few months later, Anthony found a job and moved up to the city as well. Almost a year after we had moved to the city, it was Christmastime and Anthony and I planned to spend part of the holidays with his family and part of it with mine. We planned to drive to Pennsylvania to visit Anthony’s family on Friday after work. Little did I know that Anthony had planned to have his mom text us that one of his sisters, who lives in Pittsburgh, was sick and his parents were going to visit her to make sure she was alright. Anthony suggested that, since his parents wouldn’t be around, we hang out in the city for an extra day rather than rush to go to an empty house in PA. I immediately said yes as I always get stressed out when we take long car rides on Friday nights after work. When we woke up Saturday morning and opened some Christmas presents for each other, Anthony suggested that we go to brunch before leaving the city. He said that his coworker recommended a great restaurant on the Upper West Side that he wanted to check out. Since we lived on the Upper East Side, he suggested that we walk through Central Park rather than take a cab or the subway. Since we spend most weekends walking in Central Park, I didn’t think twice about it.

Well when we got outside, it was freezing! I started to suggest restaurants on the Upper East Side that would be much closer but Anthony wouldn’t hear of it because he really wanted to try the restaurant that his coworker recommended. So we’re strolling through Central Park on our way to the Upper West Side and, I didn’t realize it, but we were early! See, Anthony had both of our families come in so that they could hide and watch us get engaged! He told them to meet on Oak Bridge in Central Park and that we would be there at 12:45. Well, I didn’t know we were early and was trying to hustle to brunch because it was freezing and I was so hungry! Anthony, trying to stall, made us walk to the Met, the Alice and Wonderland Statue, the Boathouse, the Bethesda Terrace, and more. Every spot in Central Park that you could see, we stopped by that day.

Finally, we were close to the Upper West Side. All we had to do was walk across this one small bridge and I would be able to eat! But, of course, Anthony wanted to stop again because there is a pretty view of the skyline. As I looked at the skyline trying to find Anthony’s office building in the sea of skyscrapers, I heard “Hey Becca” and turned around to see Anthony down on one knee. I immediately started crying! I don’t know if I even said “Yes!” because I was crying tears of joy and hugging Anthony so tight.

Finally, when I looked around, I saw that my family and Anthony’s family were there! Not only did Anthony have our families come in to be a part of it but he also asked his sisters and his sister’s boyfriend to take amazing photos and videos of the proposal! After all of the tears and hugs, we got to celebrate over brunch (yes, I finally got to eat!) and champagne with both of our families.

Anthony, thank you for making that day and every day with you so special. You’re an amazing person and I’m so lucky to be the one who gets to marry you. I love you!

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