Rebecca and Zach

Image 1 of Rebecca and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I went to first grade together and then never saw each other again until junior year. He came back to the school I had stayed at all along. We became friends pretty quickly, then best friends, but never realized we both liked each other more than friends until our senior year. He took a chance and asked me out to prom with cupcakes that spelled out “PROM?”. After that night we knew we were falling in love. We became inseparable from that point on. It wasn’t long till he told me he wanted to marry me and I felt the same way. Little did I know that right after our third anniversary he went to my parents and asked them to help him pick out a ring for me!! They were SO excited and happy to be included in his sweet plan. I would have NEVER thought either of my parents would be able to keep such a big, exciting secret!!!

how they asked

It was an ordinary Wednesday, he came over to my house just like normal. He told me he had planned a date night. That wasn’t unusual except when we got in the car to head to dinner we passed all the regular places we would normally go.

He took me to a restaurant on the beach, right on the water with a beautiful view. At the end of dinner the waiter, without even asking brought dessert! He brought out cupcakes that looked identical to the cupcakes he asked me to prom with except this time they spelled out “I love you”. It was so sweet! After that we walked to the car and he gave me a necklace that I had been wanting. Any suspicions I had at that point were dismissed. After all, at that point, it had been such an amazing and romantic date.

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Then, it got even better, he wanted to walk on the beach. Something we did regularly. As we were walking he led us over to this heart written in the sand with our initials, roses, balloons, and a blanket. Then he told me I was his best friend and got down on one knee. He brought the ring out of his shirt pocket, and asked “Will you marry me?” and of course I said yes!

Image 3 of Rebecca and Zach

Then I turned my head and our family came out of hiding and his parents had a amazing surprise engagement party waiting back for us at the house. It was all around a night none of us will ever forget. He makes my dreams come true!

Image 4 of Rebecca and Zach