Rebecca and Tyler

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How We Met

WE SWIPED RIGHT! We met on Tinder. After dating for about four months I moved to California to attend law school. We did long distance for three years. After I finished law school I moved back to Arizona and in with Tyler. I then studied for and took the Arizona bar exam. After that all was finally done with, Tyler proposed… on St. Patrick’s Day.

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how they asked

I am one of the hardest people to surprise but I can honestly say I didn’t see this one coming and it was the best surprise of my life! If you were there you would mainly hear laughing with a mix of very happy tears. It was freezing cold, super windy, and I was sick but this day was more than I could have ever imagined.

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For those of you who don’t know the story… Our friend that has done photos for us in the past asked us to do a shoot in Sedona for her portfolio (hence the dress ?). So we took a couple of shots and then she told Tyler “Tyler take it away.” I thought he was just going to do a silly pose or something but instead, he looked right into my eyes.

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He then told me it was all for this… I had no idea and frankly, I thought he hadn’t even started saving for a ring…boy was I wrong because he had been planning this for months. Then as we were walking back to the car, his family, my family, his best friend and my best friend all came out. I am still speechless thinking about how perfect this day was.

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Special Thanks

Cherry Jeffers
 | Photographer