Rebecca and Timothy

how they asked

Timothy, my boyfriend at the time told me he made dinner reservations in Ocean City, New Jersey and I had to buy a cute dress. He’s not a very romantic guy so I kept questioning him what we were doing and his family has a beach house in Ocean City so I did not think anything of it. He just kept reminding me that I had to go buy a dress. He came with me to the store and picked out the dress he wanted me to wear. On Saturday we went to the beach all day with his family and having a great time listening to music and relaxing. His mom kept asking what Timothy and I were doing for dinner and I kept saying it was a surprise and that I did not know what was going on. We kept coming up with reasons why Timothy would be taking me to dinner. We went back to their beach house after a long day, we showered and got ready. I put on the dress he picked out and he’s like let’s walk the boardwalk/beach before dinner. It was fun and we were being our goofy selves on the beach laughing and taking photos and then he goes, “Bec why are your parents here?” I told him they were there because they live about an hour and ten minutes away. Again he told me to turn around and when I did my family and his family were there and they screamed at me to turn back to Timothy. When I turned around he was on his knee and could barely speak when asking me to marry him. I cried and it was the best surprise!