Rebecca and Thomas

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How We Met

Thomas and I met while attending Michigan Technological University, both of us majoring in Chemistry. We were in a few classes together but I was always too shy to start up a conversation with him. This went on during our final two years of college until we were in a difficult chemistry class during my last semester. I would set up study groups for our entire class of 16 students, and hoped he would show up so I could finally talk to him. He came to a few of the study groups, but we only talked about chemistry and nothing more. Two days before my graduation, my girlfriends and I decided to go out one last time before we all started our lives after college. We ended up at the only ‘club’ in town for drinks and dancing. After a while, one of my friends ran up to me exclaiming, “He’s liked you for the past two years, you need to talk to him”.

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I turned around to find Thomas standing there and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Being the shy and nerdy person I am, the only think we talked about was chemistry, and not the romantic type! We spent the rest of the night talking, until he offered to walk me home. When we ended up at my front door, he was shocked because we had lived a block away from each other for the past two years and we never knew it. That was the last time we spoke until I graduated and moved back home, 2 hours away.

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I felt like I was missing out on an opportunity to get to know him, so I took a chance and messaged him. To my surprise, he responded and suggested that since I lived so close we could meet up for a day trip visiting our favorite places around Houghton. We spent the rest of the summer taking trips to see each other and eventually started a relationship, knowing that we’d be long distance for the foreseeable future. I was starting graduate school in Wisconsin while Thomas finished up school and started working in Michigan.

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how they asked

After surviving almost two full years of a long distance relationship, I found a job near Thomas for the summer to complete an internship. This gave us a chance to live close to each other, build our relationship, and be able to do ‘normal’ couple things. We had a ton of plans for the summer including, camping, hiking, and finally going to a Tigers game at Comerica. I had never been to Mackinac Island, so we planned a weekend trip at the beginning of the summer to explore the Island. We talked about staying at the Grand Hotel while on the island but decided we’d much rather camp in Mackinaw City and just spend the day on the Island. It was supposed to be a beautiful day, so Thomas suggested I wear a dress and do my hair (which I had no problem agreeing to because I love dressing up).

We spent the morning biking around the entire island, documenting the ride on his GoPro to make a movie of our entire day. The weather started out foggy and misty, but by lunch the sun appeared which made exploring the Island much more enjoyable! Around dinner time I noticed Thomas kept looking at his watch. We made our way up to the Grand Hotel, and I thought he had planned a romantic dinner for us at the most iconic place on the Island. He said we still had time and we should take a walk to a beautiful lookout where we could see the Mackinac Bridge and other close islands. When we reached the top, he set up his GoPro so we could get a landscape shot of the view. At the same time, he pulled out the letters we had written to each other a few weeks prior that described exactly how we felt about each other. Thomas suggested we should stand back to back as we read each other’s letters.

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As I started to read his letter, I couldn’t help but smile at everything he had written about me and our relationship. I finally reached the end of the letter only to find the last sentence read, “Now turn around…..”. I turned around to find Thomas down on one knee with a panda shaped ring box (my absolute favorite animal).

I immediately had tears running down my face as he used my full name to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. I couldn’t get my “Yes” out soon enough! I think we both stood there hugging each other and basking in the moment, that I didn’t even realize that there was someone off to the side of us taking picture. Thomas had set the whole thing up with a photographer so we’d be able to share this perfect moment with our family and friends!

Special Thanks

Christi Dupre
Engagement Photos
He helped Thomas & I capture engagement photos in the place we first met