Rebecca and Sean

Rebecca and Sean's Engagement in Painting with a Twist!

How We Met

There may be a reason we love to go out for breakfast so much — it was our first date! Our first year dating, we were in a long distance relationship. Sean would drive out to Pittsburgh 2 or 3 times a month. We also started traveling together! Music festivals are definitely our thing to do together! From Riveria Maya to Chicago we have been all overseeing our favorite artists. Sean moved to Pittsburgh in May of 2017! From then on out we enjoyed doing everything together. Hanging out with friends, hockey games, concerts, trips, restaurants, taking the dogs to the dog park, and anything else you may have seen a selfie from. Our love for each other continues to grow each and every day.

Proposal Ideas Painting with a Twist!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Painting with a Twist!

How They Asked

Two months before the best day ever, we noticed flights to Orlando, Florida were reasonably priced. We asked my sister, Emily, and her boyfriend, Dave, if they wanted to do a short weekend trip to Disney with us! Everything was booked and Sean got planning. He had the ring, asked my parents, and started figuring out the details with Emily. Emily bought the cutest just engaged Mickey and Minnie shirts. Everything was going to be perfect!! October 12th – we all arrive at the airport for our 7 pm flight. It is first delayed. We are still super excited! Then the flight cancels….. no other flights to Orlando leave that evening. We are all bummed. Sean even says this is the worst day ever. Emily keeps saying let’s just drive. I am thinking it is ok we were only planning on going for two days. Let’s just make sure we get our money back. We end up going to Olive Garden for never-ending pasta!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Painting with a Twist!

October 13th – The most magical day ever. Sean got planning right away once our flight was canceled. He still wanted to ask. We end up planning to all hangout still all day. Sean books Painting with a Twist, something we have done a few times and enjoy!! He set up with the place that he was going to propose. The artist then painted a sign that said — Will you marry me? and Sean was set up to win the painting game.

They all knew the plan, bought champagne and roses, and played along until it was time. We were halfway through our painting and we started playing the games to let our painting base dry. This is where Sean was set up to win. He went up to get his prize and turns around with the painting asking that very special question!!! Completely surprised, I said yes!! It may have not been the day Sean had planned but it was extremely special and magical to both of us.

Where to Propose in Painting with a Twist!

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