Rebecca and Sean

Proposal Ideas In front of a house that has a Christmas light show

How We Met

We met in 2012 in our highschool theater class. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. He had been in the theater program all throughout highschool and I was new to the advanced class. Our teacher knew us both very well and paired us up for a project that we had to work on at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end of the school year. She knew that he is very talented and amazing on stage, but at the time lacked discipline and focus. She paired him with me because she believed I could keep him focused and on track with our project. Little did she know that she had accurately paired us up because 8 years later we’d be getting married.

How They Asked

Days before the proposal, Sean had been saying we were going to have our annual Friendsmas with our closest friends. He told me he wanted me to wear white jeans, and a red sweater because he was going to have a corresponding outfit. And said I HAD to paint my nails Christmas-y. So I did. Honestly had no idea he was actually telling me what to wear for him to propose!! The day of the proposal, Sean really wanted to go watch the lights show that a house in our city puts on every year. (The owner of the house is Tom BetGeorge and he’s such a kind and talented person). Sean knows I absolutely love that house and I want to go every year so obviously I was down to go. When we got there, he set up a camera but told me it was so he could take a video of the show to show his family. Made sense to me. Then comes the “official picture time”, which I had not remembered ever seeing. But I thought, sure I look cute today let’s take a pic!. So we stand there to take pics and I started to feel very awkward and slightly uncomfortable because nobody else in the audience went up for pictures… And there was a good amount of people in this audience. (Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the house had told the audience before we arrived that a proposal was going to happen and for everyone to stay back when the picture time popped up.) So I tried to pull away and said “ok we’re done now” because a little bit of anxiety kicked in. And that’s when he pulled me back and my friends started coming out of this strangers back yard, each with a single rose. And immediately I knew and started crying. When our friends and family had finished giving me roses, messages appeared on the garage and moments later it read “Rebecca Will You Marry Me” and a huge spotlight turned on us.

Rebecca and Sean's Engagement in In front of a house that has a Christmas light show

Our Video

Special Thanks

Tom BetGeorge
 | Planning
Corey Kirk
 | Photographer
Ariana Marsh
 | Videographer