Rebecca and Scott

Rebecca 's Proposal in Cornelius pass mcmenamins, Portland OR

How We Met

Scott is 5 years and 6 months older than I am. We met when I was 16 years old while he was 21. We met through my best friend. We became really good friends and I knew he liked me, but I Didn’t reciprocate. Mostly because I was skeptical of the age difference when I was that young. We flirted a little we both went through horrible relationships. Fast forward to 5 years later where I got it contact with him when we lost touch. I asked him out to dinner as friends in December of 2017. We were friends until January 1 2018 where he asked me to be his girlfriend on New Years. I said yes, and I fell hard for him. He told me that he’s loved me since we met when I was 16

How They Asked

A year later In the year 2019 on New Year’s Eve we went to a restaurant with music that was celebrating the new year. There were beautiful lights everywhere. At the stroke of midnight we kissed and he took me outside under the lights. At 12:01 he said, “rebecca, its 12:01 and I don’t want to spend another minute with you without you as my fiance.” He got down on one knee and showed the ring. I said yes! We couldn’t be any happier.