Rebecca and Sam

Where to Propose in Sam's parents house

How We Met

Sam and I met in April of 2015, through friends while we were both away at college. We both had been in sticky situations with our current relationships, and I friendzoned Sam the day we met, so we weren’t meant to be at that time, but Sam knew that I was “The One” that day. We returned to school, both single, and we were always with each other because we had the same group of friends. He always hit on me and told me “I was the most beautiful girl at the party” every weekend, at every party.

I shrugged it off and always said “you’re only saying that because you’re my friend”. As October approached, I ended up having knee surgery and Sam was ALWAYS there checking on me, making sure I was okay. That’s when I started to realize that he was “The One”.

This brings us to Halloween weekend of 2015. I had been at my team’s final game of the season, away down in Maryland, and I had no clue what to dress as for Halloween night 1. I asked mine and Sam’s friend to do a funny 2 person costume, Netflix and Chill. They came over when I got home to give me the shirt they bought me for it. Sam was acting funny, but I brushed it off, got ready, and headed down to the party. I saw Sam standing on the front porch, dressed as a surfer. I then noticed how I didn’t see anyone but him. We took a picture together and he pulled me aside and said “can we talk?”. We wondered to the backyard so I could hear him better. That was when he opened up to me about how he wasn’t just telling me I was the most beautiful girl at the parties, he meant it with his whole heart. It’s like he was reading my mind and how I was really feeling about him. October 30, 2015 was, at the time, the best night of my life. Sam officially asked me to be his girlfriend November 11, 2015.

Rebecca and Sam's Engagement in Sam's parents house

how they asked

It was July 8, 2017, the Saturday after July 4th. My family and Sam’s family were out at Sam’s house for a pool party/ bbq. Everyone was having a great time swimming, talking, playing cornhole, just enjoying the perfect summer day. When all the food was grilled and ready to eat, everyone gathered in the kitchen, joined hands in a circle, and began to say grace, led by Sam’s dad. Before Sam’s dad could finish, Sam squeezed me hand, like he always does, but this time, he looked at me and said ” before he all dig in, I have something to ask you”. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and he asked me to spend forever with him. I, of course, said yes, through the tears. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was the most beautiful thing, not just because he asked, but because both of our families were there, one of the big things I always talked about. The rest of the day was filled with phone calls, facetime calls, texts, and any ideas of plans.