Rebecca and Ryan

Proposal Ideas At my (Rebecca) cottage

How We Met

Ryan and I met in 2015 when I started working in the same building as him. The first thing Ryan ever said to me was “Hey, you ever try these Nutella pockets from Tim Horton’s?” He was funny and silly.. which I loved! We became friends.. he added me on social media. Even “accidentally” called me on Facebook messenger (I later found out it wasn’t an accident) He asked me more than a few times.. for ice cream, for a drink, a drive.. anything he could come up with. All of which I declined. Luckily he was persistent because finally after the 7th time I agreed that we could go for a drive! We had a great time! And from there, we started hanging out more. We had our first kiss after a couple dates and I was liking how things were going.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my (Rebecca) cottage

Where to Propose in At my (Rebecca) cottage

It was then that the worst happened.. he sent me a message saying because we work together he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but wanted to stay friends. Well when I instantly burst into tears, I realized I really did like him! I called in sick to work the next day as I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him. But we had to work the weekend together a couple days later so I had no choice. While at work, sitting right in front of each other I get a text from him asking me to go to the zoo after work. I was confused but I said yes. He was back to being his cute, hilarious self with me and told me he regretted ever saying this couldn’t work because of work purposes. I agreed he was crazy for thinking that and we picked right back up where we left off. I invited him up to my cottage a couple weekends later and it was then that he asked me to be his girlfriend (which I thought was cute because that doesn’t happen anymore haha).

how they asked

Ryan and I had talked about marriage a lot and we even went looking at rings a couple times. I knew it had to come but I had no idea when. I also know Ryan can keep a secret and is great at surprises so I knew I would never have a clue. Ryan is in the military and in the summer of 2017 he went away for 3 straight months only coming home a couple times. The last time he was able to come home before being done for good was the long weekend in August. I, of course, would be at the cottage so we agreed to meet there. I wanted to invite some of our friends so they could see him too.

In typical Ryan fashion, he started getting really carried away with inviting people and I was starting to get mad because I didn’t know what my dad would say about us having about 20 friends show up. Everyone I had asked confirmed.. which I couldn’t believe because it never happens that everyone is free at the same time, but I was happy everyone would see Ryan. Some came up Friday night and others showed up Saturday morning. My parents aren’t together and this is my dad’s cottage but my mom’s parents live about 45 minutes away so she texted me saying they wanted to come see the cottage.. I told her it was super busy and might not be a good time for that but they showed up anyway! After some time, one of my gfs suggested we all take a group photo down on the dock.

Everyone started heading down to the dock and I was talking with a friend when Ryan came up and grabbed my beer out of my hand and I said l “what are you doing?”. Then our song came on the speaker and he grabbed my hand, I remember saying “no!” I couldn’t believe it! From there it was all a blur, all of our closet friends and family surrounded us taking photos and videos but it felt like it was just him & I.

I tried to say yes but I could barely breathe, my mouth was moving but words weren’t coming out! It was the best moment of my life. Afterwards, everyone “distracted” me keeping me outside while my mom and girls decorated inside. They had all been in on this for months! Ryan told them all and gave them each a job to do the day off to make it go down perfectly! And it did!!

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