Rebecca and Preston

how we met

We first met when we were teenagers in Youth Group at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA. We had mutual friends, but didn’t hang out much outside of church. Fast forward about 15 years later and a random Facebook friend request reconnected us. I was working as a nurse at the same hospital his grandmother was being treated at and Preston messaged me asking me questions and advice regarding her medical care. I had been divorced for about 2 years, was raising 2 girls on my own and just got out of another bad relationship so I wasn’t looking to start another just yet. Preston and I continued to talk over the next few weeks and the connection we shared was undeniable. I invited him over to watch a movie and we ended up talking for hours instead. After a month or so on March 5, 2015 we officially started dating.

how they asked

The proposal was a total surprise! Preston asked my dad for permission when we were at their house for Thanksgiving. He started planning right away after that. He schemed for weeks with the help of my sister Allyson, my friend and co-worker Tasha as well as other family and friends. He even started a private Facebook group called “Rebecca’s Big Day (that she don’t know about)” to coordinate everything. My sister text me earlier in the week asking if we would like to go to see the Christmas lights display in downtown Macon, GA. I agreed and I even told Preston so he could get off work in time so we could meet up with Allyson and all the kids. That Friday we had an ugly Christmas sweater contest at work, so my plan was to just wear my same outfit to go look at the lights. My oldest daughter insisted that I change into something nice since we were going out to eat afterwards. I told her I wanted to be comfy and was just going to wear what I had on. I learned later that she snuck outside to call Preston and told him they had a Code Red since I wasn’t going to change my clothes. Preston called me later to tell me that he was going to be late since he had a last minute client walk-in and offered to pay extra if he would stay late to cut his hair. I wasn’t too thrilled about having to leave without him and the possibility that we’d be done with the lights by the time he finally got there. He insisted that I change my clothes since we were going to eat at a nice restaurant afterwards, so I finally agreed to change and told him I’d see him at the lights. My sister arrived at my house with my niece and nephew and we piled in my car and headed to the lights. When we arrived to the exhibit, she stopped and said that she forgot to show me something and pulled out her phone and handed it to me. Playing on her phone was a video and it didn’t take me very long to realize that this video was made just for me. The song “Better Together” by Luke Combs was playing with photos of me, Preston and the girls put together as a highlight of our life together so far. Halfway through I was in tears and as the video ended it told me to turn around. When I did I was so surprised to see my mom and dad standing there. My mom handed me a bouquet of flowers and gave me a hug. I noticed my co-workers were standing behind them with hand-painted signs saying to turn around. I turned around again and there he was! Dressed in a nice 3-piece suit with his Atlanta Braves hat. A look that only he can pull-off. He approached me with tears in his eyes and told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and got down on one knee. He asked me if I’d marry him and I said YES!! It took me a while to notice, but behind him there were even more family and friends there to share this special day with us. He had been planning this for weeks. He came to the site to find the perfect spot for my sister to stop and show me the video, hired a photographer to capture it all and contacted my co-workers and friends and invited them to come so they could be there. It was so amazing and it turned out perfect!

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