Rebecca and Nicolas


How We Met

My fiance and I first met in middle school at an after-school program. Although he is shy about
admitting it, he had a huge secret crush on me. I’m pretty sure it was more of an unreciprocated kind of love. But then we met again through mutual friends after college and found out we were both planning on going to law school. Eventually, we suffered three long years of law school together. Looking back now, it was fate all along and it is safe to say that he is and always was my soulmate.

how they asked

He took me to my favorite place in Laguna Beach. We usually plan vacations ahead of time but this mini getaway was a “surprise” he wanted to treat me to.



This is when it all started. I had zero idea he hired a professional photographer for the big surprise proposal. He kept telling me “let’s look outside at the beautiful view,” but I was obviously not cooperating. (haha!)


I think he was feeling very nervous at this point in time. I thought it was quite odd that the first thing he wanted to do as we got to the resort was to go and see the beach.



I remember this was when he randomly started blabbing about “how we’ve been dating for about a few years now …” I was just giggling to myself thinking it was just another proposal trial run — where he would “practice” the proposal.


So I listened and played along …



But to my surprise … he busted out the ring !!! It was the real deal.


The ring was too beautiful that I subconsciously went in for the ring. I think he was so nervous he just froze and forgot to put the ring on my finger.



As they say, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The diamond he chose is truly a gem; he did good.



I am still so grateful to this day when I think about all the hard work and preparation he dedicated in making this proposal so special.


I was so happy that our baby Peppa was also there to celebrate with us. xoxo


We can’t wait for what is to come.