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How We Met

Michael and I officially met in August 2013. My best friend was marrying the man of her dreams; I had the privilege of being her maid of honor and Michael was the wedding videographer.

Now – I say officially because I had a secret crush on Michael back when I was in the 9th grade, and he was a hot-shot senior. Scandalous! Needless to say, I had already knew who Michael was, but he had no clue who I was!

Fast forward to 8.23.2013. Our paths crossed again! When I found out that he was going to be their videographer, no joke, my heart skipped a beat…or two! Seeing Michael 6 years later- he still caught my eye! Being that we are from a small town, everyone knows everyone, and all have connections somehow. Well, fortunately for me- one of the bridesmaids knew Michael and said she would pass on his number to me. Turns out we both were interested in one another! However, based off of conversations Michael overheard, he thought I was in a relationship (which I wasn’t). I never received his number, and our conversations that day were strictly business so nothing came to be.

At that time I was a barista at Starbucks, Michael would come in regularly (my heart still skipping beats when I saw him). We would create small chat about videography while I made him his half-caf iced quad espresso. Again, nothing substantial blossomed at that time. I continued to move up the Starbucks ladder, and therefore no longer working at my original store.

Another year had passed by and still no contact. One sunny afternoon, I visited my old store on my way home to visit family. I ran into Michael’s sister (she too is a coffee-addict) and chatted with her for a moment. And that was the turning point! His sister, in the past, would try and set him up with some friends that she had, no one seeming to really catch Michael’s attention. One day, she mentioned me. Michael remembered me from the wedding back in 2013. He said he would be interested in meeting me.

So his sister did some sleuthing to find out which Starbucks store I know was running. After getting the information he needed, Michael was set out to find me! Unfortunately for him, his sister gave him bad information and sent him to the wrong Starbucks store. He went to that store for a week straight, at random times, hoping to run into me! He went back to his sister and said this wasn’t the store; she finally got information that I worked in Eagan, MN. So he set out to find me once again, but he ran into another road block. There are 3 Starbucks stores in Eagan. He went to one, and finally decided to ask a barista if I worked there. She told him that I worked over at the other store.

Then, at 5:15am, Michael pulls up to my drive thru, orders his usual drink. At this time, I am talking to him through the speaker, not recognizing that it was him! He’s thinking he’s got this in the bag. As he pulls up to the window, a 6’7″ man appears telling him his total. He was so bummed that I wasn’t the one at the window! Fortunately, I delivered the drink to him and much to my surprise, all I could say was “hi! What are you doing here?!” (Now, our hometown is an hour away… So seeing him there at 5 in the morning, determination!) And the sweetest words came from his mouth, “I came to see you!” Here I am doing everything I can to not pass out from excitement! We exchange a few more words, he says we should hang out sometime. I’m agreeing with everything and still can’t believe what is happening! Before he leaves, he hands me his business card with his number on it. FINALLY!

how they asked

Shortly after Michael said he wanted to “be intentional” in dating, (actually about 5 minutes after that…) he asked me if I’d like to go with him to Italy to help shoot a wedding there! Of course I said yes! Leading up to the Italy wedding, all of my friends were telling me he was going to propose there. I kept assuring them that he wasn’t (but secretly hoping that he would), we had been talking about marriage, but never about rings. The night before we leave for Italy, I am finishing up some last-minute packing. I asked my mom if Michael had talked to her yet (alluding to proposing). She just started laughing at me, and saying “Oh, I’m so sorry Becky”. Here I am, crushed, thinking I am going halfway around the world with this man and he’s not going to propose…much to my surprise! Well, Michael continued along in the act. As we boarded the plane, he starts asking what type of metals I’d like and what’s my finger size. Well, whatever hope I did have left, it surely went out the window at that moment. BUT, I wasn’t going to let that get my spirits downs for this trip! We were traveling with our friends, who happened to be the photographer for the wedding. The four of us had an amazing time exploring Italy and preparing for the wedding we were all there to shoot.

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Now to the good stuff! The wedding was taking place in Ravello, Italy. We had spent the day scouting out places to take the couple the next day. It was around dinner time, we had gone to the square to get some pizza (obviously) for dinner. We brought it back to our Airbnb. Before chowing down, Janelle wanted to take some more photos (not out of the ordinary for a photographer) so we all follow her to this beautiful opening of our yard. There is the most amazing view of the coast and a town in the distance, completely breathtaking. While Bret and Janelle pose for some photos together first, while Michael and I shoot some photos and video. And then we switch turns. Michael and I are goofing around being ourselves. I struck some sort of pose, and he told me to do that again.

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So I do. It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t there anymore. I looked over to where he was, to see him kneeling on one knee with a beautiful ring, asking me to marry him! Of course I said yes! I was completely speechless, surprised, overjoyed, and a whole bunch of other words. I couldn’t believe that the man of my dreams, the man I have been praying for since I was younger, had asked me to be his wife! Gah! It still brings a smile to my facing thinking back on that day. It was the perfect surprise, the perfect setting, and the most perfect proposal!

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