Rebecca and Maximilian

Image 1 of Rebecca and Maximilian

How We Met

Max and I met as friends sophomore year at Syracuse University. During our senior year, I worked at the office of computer science, which happened to be the office for Max’s major. Max would visit the office more frequently under the guise of meeting with his advisor and would conveniently stop to chat with me. Eventually, I picked up on Max’s frequent visits and took the plunge by asking Max to go out one night and the rest is history!

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how they asked

After three and a half years together, Max proposed to me. Using virtual reality, Max created the hedge maze from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire complete with dementors. Rebecca [virtually] walked through the hedge maze until she got to the tri-wizard cup in the center of the maze. Behind the cup, was a [virtual] ring. At the same moment that I found the virtual ring, Max proposed with the real ring!

Image 3 of Rebecca and Maximilian

Image 4 of Rebecca and Maximilian