Rebecca and Max

How We Met

Max and I met in high school, but we didn’t start talking until our sophomore year in college. I was going to school in Georgia at the time and Max was going to school in our home state of Florida. After almost an entire year of text messages, we finally went on our first date August 4th 2013. After that date we were going out every week, and sometimes 3 days a week. There were many things that happened that I myself saw as signs right away. We both loved going to national parks and being in nature, we loved movies, and most of the same foods. One night we went to Desoto National Memorial Park after our dinner, it was dark and I remember seeing fire flies every where, which is not a normal occurrence where we are in Florida. Later that same night we witnessed what we thought was a shooting star. Turns out the Perseid Meteor shower had begun on that night, so the following two nights we went out to the beach and laid in the sand and watched the sky dance with light as the meteors flew above us. On August 21st, 2013 we officially became a couple, and a couple months later I had to go back to Georgia for school. Max visited me once a month for the entire school year, he always brought me a dozen roses, and took me out to dinner. Over the course of that year we fell in love and decided that we didn’t want to continue our relationship long distance. The following school year Max and I moved to Atlanta together, so that I could finish my degree and we could be together. We learned a lot about each other over that year, and I am really thankful that we were able to experience that before we get married. After that year Max and I moved back to our home town so he could finish his degree and we could start planning our life together.

how they asked

On the day Max asked me to marry him he told me we were going to a late lunch and then catching a movie, but he wanted to go to our favorite park first. When I saw him putting on his nicer clothes for our date I thought something was a little off, he didn’t normally dress that fancy for our dates. When I asked him if he was sure he wanted to wear that he said he was trying something new, so I didn’t think much of it after that.

When we arrived at the park we walked up a small incline to a post that over looked the ocean. It was a sunny day with a cool breeze, overall gorgeous. So Max suggested I take a few photos, which of course I was already doing. Then he said “Why don’t we take this path?” I said “okay” and as I turned to my right to face him and walk down the path he got down on one knee in front of me. He said “I love you so much.” as he took the ring box out of his pocket and opened it to show the ring I had fallen in love with over a year before.

Out of shock I started laughing, I couldn’t believe it was happening. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me if I would marry him. That is when the tears started and before I could say yes or have the ring on my finger he stood up and wrapped me in a big hug. After I had cried a little he asked me again if I would marry him, I said “Yes!” and the put my ring on my finger.

Rebecca's Proposal in Desoto National Memorial Park

Then he told me to go see my friend and I turn around and my friend Natalie was there. He had been planning with her for over a month on where he was proposing so she could take the photos of it all happening. I was beyond happy that she was there to capture our moment!

Rebecca and Max's Engagement in Desoto National Memorial Park