Rebecca and Mathieu

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How We Met

When I decided to move 6 hours away from home to pursue post-secondary education, I told myself that I wasn’t looking for love and to focus on my studies. That all changed very quickly when I met Matt. That year, Matt was on the move in committee for the residence that I was moving into. It was pouring rain and my dad had a broken leg so he stayed in the truck. Most parents would get out to help the movers so Matt thought he was being kind of rude; until he saw his cast at least. That was when he ran out to him with an umbrella and asked if he needed help up the stairs (I lived on the third floor). That was when I finally met him. When he was joking about carrying my dad up the stairs. And that awkward and innocent sense of humor is what I fell for. Later that day my dad said, “I think you need to introduce yourself to him.”

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how they asked

We had been planning a weekend on the Island for months with his uncle, cousin and her husband. The weekend was finally here and we packed up and made the drive! Friday night was windy and chilly and we spent the night having some drinks and playing card games. We woke up early the next day and filled it with coffee, great food, great family and a lot of sea-fooding and water sports.

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After a very full day, his cousin suggested we take some pictures to keep the memories. We took some group pictures and then some of just Matt and me.

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After 2 clicks of the camera, I felt Matt moving. When I turned to look at him I realized he was moving onto his knee. I yelled, “No way. Is this real life!?” in total disbelief which made us all laugh. Once we were all composed he took a deep breath and asked that question I’d been waiting to hear, “Will you marry me?” Through a shaking voice and some tears, I said, “Of course.”

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