Rebecca and Marcin

Where to Propose in Michigan City, Indiana at Washington Park Beach

How We Met

He was training me to be his replacement at my old job. He lied about his age and refused to tell me what kind of accent he had. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I finally broke down his walls and decided it was my turn to play hard to get. BUT, it didn’t work! Marcin swept me off my feet and we became inseparable every day since. Marcin gives me life, and a will to keep going.

How They Asked

My best friend Olivia and I were having a girls’ day when she suddenly got lost and decided to pull over and show me the lake. (Yes, I’m truly that oblivious to life I guess lol) When all of a sudden, I feel a very familiar hand touch me around my waist and there he was!! I immediately asked him why he was there and he proceeded with “I just came to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, will you marry me?”

Rebecca's Proposal in Michigan City, Indiana at Washington Park Beach

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