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How We Met

For starters, I never thought I would meet the man I would dream of marrying one day at a bar/lounge. However, it was a Friday night and I went to an Irish pub with some friends for a mellow night since I had work the next day. He happened to be next door, where we somehow ended up, for a post-conference mixer. My friend and I were standing at the bar as he walked by; he stopped me dead in my tracks. I leaned over to her and said, “He is so cute” not caring that he obviously saw me. The night carried on and we ended up dancing together, and even kissing; I just couldn’t help myself. The next day we talked, planned our first date, and from there we completely clicked.

The bad news was, shortly after we met I would be moving 2.5 hours away for a commitment I had already made. We decided that we would give it a chance and see if it could still work; and work it did. We seemed meant for each other, and we still are. Living in Mendocino County was amazing and provided for a gorgeous environment for our first year of falling in love. I lived about an hour away from the Northern California Coastline, minutes away from countless wineries (yay for wine) and beautiful redwoods with great hiking trails.

While I was away for the year we managed to see each other every weekend except three of them and it made our relationship stronger than ever since we were both working towards something that was very important to us. I moved back a year later and we have only become so much closer since. We’ve discovered that good communication, always being completely open with each other, and lots of silliness are what have kept us going strong.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner and best friend to have by my side in this crazy world. I often feel like I’m dreaming since he came into my life; totally cheesy but true. We always try to make staying active, cooking together, travel, and date nights priorities in our life. I can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for us. Somebody pinch me.

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how they asked

It happened while we were visiting two of my good friends down in LA. One of the mornings my fiancé (so weird) really wanted to go to Santa Monica later that day, we had plans to go to the beach on Monday so I was putting up a fight.

Somehow, miraculously both of my friends “had to work” that evening so we were able to go while we were killing time before going out. We walked around on the beach, pier, and looked for a spot to grab a drink around sunset; little did I know that was his plan all along. When he pointed out an older couple walking in the sand, I said “that’s us!” and we talked about them for a moment and how we hoped that would be us walking around on the beach one day. He then mentioned that he wanted the water out of our backpack he was carrying so he turned and set it down. He turned back and began telling me all the things I could only dream I was hearing, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife.

He then proceeded to tell me he had another surprise, uh oh. “We have paparazzi” he said and pointed to a good friend of his taking pictures of us.

I could not be happier to have my dream ring, dream man, and dream life right at my fingertips. <3

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