Rebecca and Kevin

Rebecca and Kevin's Engagement in Lagos, Portugal

How They Asked

For a couple of months leading up to our Spain and Portugal trip, Kevin was asking me about engagement rings I like and what I thought about certain styles. A couple of weeks before the trip he told me, very seriously, to not get upset when he doesn’t propose on our upcoming trip and that we’ll continue to look at rings when we got home. This trip was a graduation present for me so I didn’t have any hopes or ideas that he would propose.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lagos, Portugal

We booked to go on a sailboat for an afternoon to see the coast of Portugal. When the sailboat was anchored Kevin went to go grab us some wine (and the ring) and asked the captain to take a picture of us. We took a couple and Kevin asked for one more picture.. he looks at me and says “I’ve been meaning to ask you this”, gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was SO shocked and surprised. Obviously I said yes! This all happened the day before the evening that The President announced the travel restrictions. We still aren’t sure if we’ll make it home but we definitely have a story to remember.