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My fiance and I met online like many couples today. Our first date was 3 hours long in which we not only shared our life stories but also a large BBQ chicken pizza (something we will later share every anniversary of our first date). We have gone on many adventures together and enjoyed traveling around the world to make new memories! We are both excited for what the future has in store as we plan the rest of our lives together. Its hard to imagine that a BBQ pizza has lead us to the greatest adventure of our lives!

Rebecca's Proposal in Cactus High School-Homecoming Assembly 2017

Rebecca and Justin's Engagement in Cactus High School-Homecoming Assembly 2017

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cactus High School-Homecoming Assembly 2017

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October 27th, 2017 started out like any normal day in the life of a teacher and student council advisor during another highly stressful Homecoming week. Up at 4:30 A.M. and tired as can be, I was nervous but also very excited for the big homecoming assembly later that morning, an event which I had worked tirelessly for weeks to help organize. As the assembly began inside the Cactus High School gym, it was awesome seeing the faces of the roughly 1500 students, faculty, and some of my family members as they marveled in what my Student Council students and I had accomplished. Little did I know that they would all be even more awestruck later in the assembly. I had previously asked my fiancé Justin to take a couple hours off work to play a role in the opening production piece, so I was totally expecting him to be present that morning. The assembly was going great and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Next up was a segment involving the movie Up (the theme for the week was Hollywood) in which our principal was going to give a quick motivational speech to the students and then show a brief, emotional clip from the film. After he spoke a few words, he mentioned that he wanted to bring his close friend and eye doctor on stage to speak a few words as well. It did not initially click in my mind that it would be my boyfriend coming up to talk in front of everyone.

Justin then proceeded to call ME up to the stage to seemingly recognize me for all my hard work. My stomach was in knots…not because I was anticipating what was about to happen (I really didn’t) but because I do not enjoy being called up in front of large audiences (he knew this!). When Justin finally said the word “propose” and proceeded to drop on one knee, the entire gym immediately erupted in cheers as they realized what was happening. It was such an out-of-body experience that I could not even process what Justin was saying. Thankfully the entire production was being professionally filmed so I could relive this surreal experience. It was extra special knowing that my mom, sister, niece, and nephew were there to share the experience with me!

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