Rebecca and Jonathan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Beach in Naples Florida

How We Met

We met at a friend‘s wedding and I did not like him at all. I actually thought to myself that I could never fall in love with that guy.

Two months later a friend wanted to visited me for the weekend and asked if he could bring someone and I immediately said yes but sure enough regretted it the next moment because guess who he wanted to bring with him? The awkward guy from the wedding.

To my surprise we had a great time and we started texting and talking over the phone because he lived in Hamburg which is 4 hours away from where I live.

However it took me a while to realize that I fell in love and I denied it the whole time.

We both actually did but thankfully realized that sometimes you have to humble yourself and admit that you love someone that is completely different than you.

How They Asked

We booked a vacation in Florida with my parents and I pretty much knew he was going to propose.

He took me out to this cute restaurant on the beach. Afterwards we went for an evening walk on the beach but prior to that he got a box with donuts out of the car for dessert. He actually told me that he prayed for clear skies and full moon and yes we could see the stars and it was full moon.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Beach in Naples Florida

Anyways he opened the donut box and on them was written „Will you marry me“ and I immediately replied yes.

We are getting married next year and I am just thankful and blessed to marry someone that shares the same beliefs and dreams that I have.