Rebecca and John

How We Met: We met at work in Washington, in November of 2013 (I taught aerobics classes at a pool that he life guarded at). Though I had my eye on him for several months prior! From the moment we started talking, we had an instant connection. Our friendship established quickly and so did our crush on each other! After endless dates and adventures together he asked me to be his girl in march 2014. A month later, I found out I got into grad school back home in California (I’m from San Diego, he was from Washington). Without hesitation he told me he was going with me and wanted us to end up spending our lives together. A girl’s dream right?! We both moved down in August 2014 and my family adored him instantly. It’s been such an amazing time having him down here with me while I’m in school, and we love creating new memories together in San Diego.


how they asked: I’m a wedding photographer, but my first love is nature/wildlife photography. There’s a drive I love to take on my own when I want to immerse myself in the underrated beauty of the “other side” of San Diego, to the desert and its mountains! The highway is called Sunrise Highway and it leads to a little country town called Julain that has the tastiest and best apple pies. I told John when we first started dating how much I adored that drive for doing my own photography, though we didn’t speak about it after that. So when he told me last week (a year after I told him about my drive) that he wanted go on my Sunrise Highway drive with me and for me to bring the amazing new lens he got for me at Christmas, I was ecstatic.

After stopping at every view point for photos and in Julain for Apple pie, we drove to lake cuyamaca and walked over to a picnic bench on the edge of the lake so I could snap a photo. The lighting was perfect and there were these gorgeous huge clouds so I was in photo heaven! After I took some photos,  he told me to take a photo again for a different angle…and once I held the camera to my eye I saw him holding the most gorgeous ring in front of my lens! I turned to him and once he started saying the most sweetest things about how much he loves me and wanted to spend his life adventuring together, the tears started flowing. He ended down on one knee with will you marry me? And of course I said yes.