Rebecca and John

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How We Met

John and I met through mutual friends. We both belonged to the same friend group for years, but somehow we managed to never cross paths.

One fateful night the stars aligned and in walked John to the bar where my friends and I had been spending a Saturday night.

As he walked past our table and we made eye contact, I remembered thinking that he was something special. Still, I didn’t think I had a chance in my ripped jeans and old sweatshirt (I want quite dressed to impress!). Once he realized he was looking for the people sitting at my table, he took the open seat next to me and we didn’t stop talking the rest of the night.

Unfortuntately after that night we just couldn’t get our paths to cross again. Our friends love to recant that John and I would each inquire about one another to our friends, but never managed to reach out to one another to get together.

What we DID do was share music with each other on Facebook. We would post “songs of the day”, and would always comment on each other’s choices. When I saw that one of our favorite bands was coming to town, I took this as an opportunity to finally see John again and invited him to join my friends and me for the concert. After being serenaded by the musical stylings of Steely Dan, John asked me on our first date.

how they asked

When John and I went on our first trip to New York together the weather was terrible. It was sleeting and snowing and so bitter cold that no one was in Central Park but the two of us. As we slipped and slid on the pathways, our sliding turned to dancing and playing in the snow. Watching the snow fall into John’s silly snow-hat, he told me he loved me for the first time.

Fast forward a couple of years and John wakes me up at 4AM on a rainy Saturday to hop on a train to New York for a surprise weekend getaway. He has the whole day planned, all the way down to a post-brunch walk through Central Park so we could get to our next activity. A little reluctant to walk in the rain, I followed John on a long walk past the many monuments and scenic spots in the park. At one point he admitted that he had gotten us lost and took out his phone to use his GPS. When we got to Belvedere Castle he stopped us for a moment to point out that we were overlooking our dancing spot from a few years prior. He started telling me how nervous he had felt to tell me he loved me, but that our relationship and love had meant so much to him. Without my realizing, John stepped behind me, and overlooking the spot where he told me he loved me the first time, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever dance partner.

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