Rebecca and John

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How We Met

We met during the first semester of our freshman year of college in the dorms at Auburn University. We were both eighteen at the time and still in relationships from high school. Through most of the college, we remained friendly, but I always had a little crush on John. Right before I graduated we ended up reconnecting at our church and John asked me on a date the next week! We’ve been together ever since!

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How They Asked

I had recently finished my first year of graduate school and we finally finished our time of being long distance. I was really hoping that not long after we lived in the same city that we would be engaged since we had been talking about it for quite a while. Some months passed and John casually mentioned one day that he wanted to take a Friday off of work just to spend some time together and go do something fun. This immediately piqued my interest since taking a day off of work for no specific reason was very unusual.

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He had told me beforehand that even though there are a lot of hiking trails around that area we weren’t hiking and thought we would just go see the waterfall and have lunch at the lodge resort at the falls. So the day finally comes and it’s 30 degrees outside which is super rare for Georgia so I bundled up and we headed to the falls. As we’re walking John starts talking about how we have an anniversary coming up and wanted it to be very special since we weren’t long-distance anymore…and right as we get to the waterfall he gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I was overjoyed even though I had a feeling that was coming, and I still cried so much. It was also just so cold that I was shaking uncontrollably from cold and also incredible happiness! After that we hugged and kissed and I was so distracted that I didn’t see the photographer who was there to capture the whole thing. It was surreal. After we celebrated and took pictures we went to the lodge and ate breakfast and John told me all about my ring that he had custom made just for me. It was a quiet and intimate morning that I’ll never forget. Then we drove home and the last surprise waiting for me was both of our families that drove from out of state to celebrate our engagement!

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