Rebecca and Jeremy

How We Met

Jeremy and I met 6 years ago while working together at Arby’s! We both went to the same high school in Wallkill NY (Wallkill Senior High School). We are best friends and absolutely head over heels with each other. We recently moved to NC about 3 years ago. We came down here from NY to finish and start our bachelors/masters at NC State University. I am so beyond thrilled and still in disbelief that we are engaged!!!!

how they asked

Sunday December 6th started like any other ordinary day. Jeremy and I had this beach trip planned to bring our black lab Rollo to the beach (since we didn’t get to take him during summer because of peak time = no dogs). Little did I know Jeremy had this amazing proposal planned all along! I HAD NO IDEA, NOT THE SLIGHTEST IDEA!!! To give you a little background I worked 2-11pm then night before our beach trip. I got home that night super tired from a long day. When I walked into the house I noticed how spotless it was. I then quickly noticed Jeremy standing behind our breakfast bar in our kitchen and there was a Christmas bag and a beautiful purple orchid (Orchids are my favorite and I’ve been asking for one for forever)! My reaction… “Omg what’s this babe?!” He told me to open it, that it was a “12 days of Christmas present” and that it was something we needed for the beach the next day, so I did! It was an awesome Iklip stand selfie stick/tripod (I’ve also wanted a selfie stick for forever, but he always made fun of them so I never got one hehehe). I was super surprised and thrilled and immediately started taking selfies of us and the orchid and posted them on Instagram. Ok so let me get back to the proposal!! The morning of the proposal we woke up, made breakfast (a delicious ham & cheese omelet) and we started our 2 hour drive to Wilmington with our pup (did I mention we/I am obsessed with my lab Rollo?! Yes, I’m a total lab mom)! So we get to the beach, set up our towels and just start doing what people do at the beach… Playing in the sand, walking along side of the ocean, Ooo and we even took Christmas themed photos of us and Rollo in our Christmas props using my new selfie stick! After the pictures Jeremy mentioned that he was going to prop up his phone on the tripod to take a time laps video, I thought it was a great idea since the waves were huge and the day was super sunny and beautiful. A couple minutes pass (we’re just laying on the towels) and Jeremy asks me if I could go to the car to get his “Bojangles sweet tea” that he forgot. I naturally looked at him and said “Babe! Really? We have water. Plus you have shoes on and I don’t!” Jeremy’s reaction.. “Please babe! I don’t want water, I’m craving the sweet tea.” So I agreed and walked back to the car to grab it (maybe a 10 min walk there and back). These 10 minutes are critical, now I know this is when he buried the message in the bottle! And this is where the video starts!! Me getting back to him and Rollo and just laying there… He then starts saying “what is Rollo digging up?” ENJOY THE VIDEO!!


Our Video

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