Rebecca and Jeff

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Jeff and I went on a vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii in February. We basically planned the trip the first month we were dating. We met on a mission trip serving orphans and at-risk families in Cancun, Mexico in July 2017. Jeff was in Austin, TX and I was in Charlotte, NC, but still, I left that week with a boyfriend, and we had never even gone on a first date!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Honolulu, Hawaii

Jeff had gone on my phone one night while I was sleeping to get my best friend Jules phone number. Jules and her boyfriend Max often went to Hawaii so when I asked Jules for a recommendation on what restaurant we should try, she had already coordinated to tell me the restaurant that Jeff wanted to take me to propose. A few days into our trip we headed towards the restaurant for reservations at the Kahala Resort at 6:15. We showed up early and Jeff told me that our table wasn’t ready yet and asked if I wanted to go down to the beach while we waited.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Honolulu, Hawaii

While we got down to the beach the sunset was stunning! Jeff put his arm around me and said “I love you” and I said “I love you too” and he followed with “no, I really love you” and all of the sudden he was on his knee. All I remember him saying is “I’ve known I wanted to marry you since the 3rd day after we met” and after that, I totally blacked out. He pulled out a stunning oval cut solitaire diamond, the ring of my dreams. I couldn’t believe that the man of my prayers was asking me to marry him just 7 months after we met. But I had never answered an easier question…I had known I was going to marry him from the 3rd day too.

After he proposed I learned there was a photographer that captured all of it. We had a mini photo shoot after and Jeff surprised me with a private beach dinner! We had lobster and champagne..I was in my own perfect heaven on earth. It all felt like a fairytale when I woke up the next day. We enjoyed an incredible 4 more days in Hawaii together.

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We took a red-eye home to my place in Charlotte and to my surprise the day that we landed both of our parents were waiting for us! We had dinner with them that night together as a family for the first time. On Sunday morning Jeff told me we were going to brunch, and then surprised me with several of my best friends and my brother and sister-in-law there! It was an incredible and totally unexpected engagement party and I was so grateful. That same week I moved to Florida (where Jeff had moved for work in October) so that we could finally break the long distance and I could live in the same city as my future husband!

Rebecca's Proposal in Honolulu, Hawaii

Every beautiful detail of our engagement and the weekend we arrived home were perfect. If I didn’t already know that I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he sure reminded me of it. I’m so excited to be the future Mrs. Smith!

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