Rebecca and Jawnos

How We Met

Jawnos & I met when we were about three years old. Our families grew up in the same neighborhood & we used to live on the same street throughout our childhood. We grew up around all of the same people! But we didn’t see each other for about 10 years. The first day we met up again, Was the first day of high school at freshman orientation. We still had mutual friends, so on our first day of high school we both met up with the same friend named Nina. We instantly looked at each other with thoughts about how we kind of recognized one another. Jawnos spoke first and asked me, ” Are you Rebecca?”. I replied with, “Yes, are you Jawnos?”. He said yes, and from there on we hung out pretty much everyday and went about our normal daily freshman lives. Of course I thought Jawnos was cute! But the first time I knew I had a crush on him was at our freshman homecoming dance. I asked him to dance with me. He was so nervous that he stood about a good foot away from me and only put one of his hands on the side of my rib cage. Slowly but surely he got more comfortable and got closer to me. He eventually had both hands around me and we were pretty much hugging and slow dancing to Brian McKnights “Back at One” (if you know the song, ironic huh). I didn’t have the guts to tell Jawnos how I felt, so instead, a few months later I asked him to sadies. Still supposedly he had no idea I liked him. Fast forward to July, I finally told him I had feelings for him and I knew he felt the same. So on July 17, 2006 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were 14 years old! This coming July we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary! You can imagine how long we’ve been thinking of this time in our lives.

how they asked

We are finally engaged as of November 7th 2015, Jawnos’ mom & I were supposedly planning his surprise birthday party. It was his plan all along to surprise me with both of our families and close friends to be waiting in our backyard to watch him finally ask me to marry him. Once he asked, I said “Yes! FINALLY!!!!” I was completely surprised and in total shock that he completely tricked me! & it was definitely worth the wait (find us on YouTube Watch our Engagement Video here)! We cannot wait for the day that we can finally become husband and wife. I love you Jawnos!

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