Rebecca and Jaeon

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How We Met

Jaeon and I met at the children’s hospital that we both work at, he as a resident physician and me as a pediatric nurse. One fateful night, he walked into my patient’s room to introduce himself to the family and assess the child, when we caught eyes. After he left the room, he promptly sat down next to me at the nurses’ station and struck up a conversation. We talked for hours, both sharing in the feeling that we had known each other for years. This repeated then again the next night, where we sat in the same spots and conversed the entire night. At the end of our shift, when the sun was beginning to rise, he asked me if I would like to grab breakfast with him that morning. I agreed, though I told him that I was planning on attending church that morning, to which I invited him to join me. He delightedly accepted, and we had our first date at church.

how they asked

Jaeon picked me up for what he told me was a surprise, followed by his family reunion (which was a ploy to get me dressed up). He then drove me to the Arboretum where he pulled a picnic basket and blanket out of the trunk of his car. We walked through the gardens and picked a spot to sit down and eat whatever goodies he had in his basket. He told me not to look inside of the basket because he wanted everything to be a surprise. As he pulled out all of my favorite snacks, he began to play my favorite soundtrack, Pride and Prejudice, on his phone. After we had finished eating and talking amongst the flowers, he asked if I would like to continue walking around for a bit. I agreed, and we strolled about until we reached an area that was overhung by trees. Here, immersed amongst the trees, he gently took my hands in his own and began to speak of all the things that he loves most about me. Overcome with feelings of adoration towards this Godly man, I knew that this was the moment I had been praying about since I was a young girl. He proceeded to drop down on one knee, look me in the eyes, and ask, “Rebecca, will you marry me?” With tears in my eyes, I held his head in my hands and joyfully replied, “Yes.”

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