Rebecca and Isaac

How We Met

Isaac and I met when I began showing up to the pickup ultimate frisbee at our college. Apparently I made an impact on him since he didn’t expect me to be that good at the sport, and we began hanging out with the group afterward. It was about three weeks before he worked up the nerves to finally ask me out, assisted in part by some tickets to a concert he had won. He picked me up at about 4 and we went out to the Cheesecake Factory. He was supposedly extremely nervous, but I didn’t pick up on that at all. We had a great time besides the pouring rain outside.

From there, we continued to hang out more and grew in our relationship. We shared a love of music and attended many concerts together. We hiked Camelback Mountain, road tripped to Oregon, and spent the summer apart while I was working in Texas at a summer camp. We discussed our future and the plans we had, which led to him asking my father for his permission to marry me.

how they asked

If there is one thing you must know about me, it’s that I’m 99% certain pixie dust flows through my veins. I probably came out of the womb singing ‘The Circle of Life’, and the doctor might as well have pulled a Rafiki and Simba moment.

So, when Isaac was deciding where to pop the question, the most magical place on earth only seemed fitting. He set out to create my own fairytale experience.

Unfortunately for him, I also happen to have been born with a natural curiosity and very good perception skills. So keeping this a secret from me was going to be a challenge. I found out about two months before that he was thinking of proposing at Disney and my curious streak got the best of me. I managed to figure out small details along the way through friends that can’t keep secrets and his reaction when I asked questions and gave suggestions.

Once the day arrived, Isaac and his parents went off to prep things and tasked Cassy, my sister-in-law to be, with keeping me busy. Since it was our first day in the parks I was already very distracted by the magic and I didn’t even realize they’d separated me from everyone else on purpose. It wasn’t until about halfway through the day that I realized it was an ideal situation if they wanted to plan things without me.


So Cassy and I made our way around the park and had some fun to ourselves. Meanwhile, she was keeping my mother-in-law Malane in the loop with where we were because she was tasked with keeping people away from me. Finally around four pm she led me back to where I was to meet Isaac, and he took it from there. We walked and talked, discussing a few things and sharing our feelings about the future. We arrived at the promenade where people stand to watch the World of Color show and looked out across the water at the ferris wheel. After he made his speech (which, if I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember all that much of since I was absorbed in the moment), he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.


(Fun fact: I also convinced him to dress as Eric while I was Ariel, because she’s been my favorite princess since I was young)

Afterwards, I turned around and found many of our friends and loved ones there to celebrate us, which I really appreciated since it cost them a lot of time and money to get there. Our friends Shaun, Ashley, Brandon, and Bristol has carpooled out to see us. RB, one of Isaac’s close friend from high school, had actually been on vacation about an hour away when Malane suggested that he come. And then there was my parents and grandmother who flew out incredibly early in the morning to get to Disney on time to have fun and experience everything.


We then went on to have an engagement party at Ariel’s Grotto, complete with on-the-water seating and a custom-made dessert. The restuarant even provided Isaac and I with the quintessential bride and groom Mickey and Minnie ears. The dinner also came with VIP tickets to the World of Color showing, which we all enjoyed just after dinner, making a wonderful close to one of the best days ever.

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