Rebecca and Fred

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I was walking along the road in Notting hill on my way to a business meeting with a couple of colleagues. Half way down the street my boyfriend popped out of a building and surprised me. The building was a beautiful old style cinema with old lamps and big comfy chairs. He told me he had booked the day off work for me because they were screening my favourite film, pride and prejudice. I was so surprised I went along with it, went into the main cinema screen room and there were people milling about waiting for the film to start. I had a big cup of tea and then sat down on one of the three sofas at the back, where we always sat at that cinema, and then the opening trailer played. the first trailer was a standard “don’t touch your mobile phones” one, and then the next trailer opened and it was a beautiful city scape of London, oddly it was playing our song, so I turned to look at Freddie to say wow!

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What are the chances! When I realised that the movie wasn’t just playing London, it was playing our favourite places in London. All of sudden Freddie appeared on screen, standing on the bridge where he first told me he loved me and he’s talking to me saying how happy he is, when he finished talking, everyone in the cinema stood up and turned around and they were holding big placards that spelled out “will you marry me?” i turned to to look at Freddie and he was on one knee holding a vintage copy of pride and prejudice that he then opened to reveal my beautiful ring. I said yes!

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