Rebecca and Donald

2012-09-09_12-06-44_847How We Met: Donald and I met in January of 2011 while doing a reading of Motown the Musical in New York!  We are both actors and, for both of us, this was a really big job and a big opportunity of us as the show was slated to go to Broadway.  We were in rehearsal one day and one of the actors seemed to have a bit of a mental breakdown and it stressed us all out.  When rehearsal was over, I wanted to relieve the stress a bit and grab a bite to eat or a drink so I was asking around if anyone had spare time and Donald did so we officially met that afternoon as him, our friend Eric, and myself went to Haru sushi and talked for hours.  We remained best friends for a couple of years and now that friendship has blossomed into the most beautiful romance for us.

how they asked: Being on Broadway has been a dream come true for both of us so Donald used that to propose to me on a Broadway stage!  A place that we fell in love and that will always be so incredibly special to us.  His proposal was like a dream- he asked me to meet him at the theatre at 11am and I assumed we were grabbing breakfast at work since Saturday breakfasts were a standing date time for us.  When I walked into the stage door, Donald met me there and, in true gentleman fashion, was taking my coat and hat for me and, while that was happening, I heard “our song” playing on stage.  I immediately feel weak in my knees, arms, hands, legs, everywhere!!  I started crying uncontrollably and he walked me to center stage while telling me how much he loves me and then he dropped to his knee and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I answered with a breathless yes and, the rest is history…